The Center will seek national, regional and international partnerships that will enhance the learning environment for students, promote faculty development, collaborative applied research and new knowledge in the field of reproductive health. The project Departments at UNIBEN and in regional partner institutions are: Public Health, Health Economics, Reproductive Health and Nursing. The national university partner institutions are the University of Ibadan (UI) (coordinated by Prof A. Oladokun) contributing faculty in public health, health economics, nursing faculty and co-supervision of masters and PhD students and the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) (coordinated by Dr Nana Madugu) which will provide a relevant site for short term courses especially on high fertility as well as co-supervision of masters and PhD students. The national public partner the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) (coordinated by Dr AG Ohihoin) provides a site for outreach periods for faculty and students, laboratory capacity for HIV/AIDS research and location for short courses in laboratory medicine. We will also involve private industry partners including General Electric Healthcare, Phillips International, Thomson Reuters, EMZOR and Fidson Pharmaceuticals which provide opportunity for outreach periods in new reproductive health technology field that impact on the provision of family planning and reduction of maternal mortality. In Nigeria, the non-governmental and civil society organizations provide the majority of reproductive healthcare, outreach periods for students with these groups provide will opportunity for thesis project sites and for practical experience working in the RH sector.
Regional partners include the University of Benin in Cotonou (UBC) which would co-supervise thesis students and provide faculty for exchange in the area of public health. The University of Ghana (UG) (coordinated by Professor Richard Adanu) would provide for faculty exchange in public and reproductive health, undertake joint research projects and co-supervision of thesis students as well as share research facilities. The University of Niger would provide a site for collaborative research for student and faculty projects and faculty exchange. The regional research lab the Navrongo Institute will be a partner for outreach periods for faculty and students to strength laboratory skills.
The key international partner institutions whose faculty would be engaged in the project include:  The University of Aberdeen in the area of advanced nursing degrees, Harvard School of Public Health in public health and reproductive health, the University of Toronto in reproductive health law and the University of Maryland reproductive health applied research.  The international partner institutions will work with specific Departments within CERHI to review and develop new curricular, conduct trainings and short courses, provide additional mentorship to PHD and Masters Students, and participate in students/faculty exchange and visits.