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The number of students in Reproductive Health studying abroad has never been higher. Internationalization in Reproductive Health Education is on the rise and for University Centres that mean added pressure to recruit the most talented students from around West and Central Africa. While each student is unique, their Reproductive Health study choice process bears some resemblances and follows some natural rhythms influenced by a number of factors such as the type of programme the students are looking for, the application deadlines influenced by which semester they want to commence their studies in, and of course, where they’re from.
We decided to dive deeper into our own data and explore the study choice patterns of our visitors who use CERHIs’ platform to find their next international study option. In particular, we asked ourselves when are students from around the world more likely to submit the highest amount of enquiries to universities directly. We chose to focus on this aspect of the study choice process as it corresponds to the most involved phase students on our portals go through, where they go from browsing for suitable reproductive health programmes to actually making direct contact with the university and showing genuine interest in submitting an application. If you are familiar with the study choice funnel, this phase corresponds to the interested phase.
This information is not only useful in knowing when to intensify your recruitment efforts towards reproductive health but also gives you additional geographical and study-level information that can be used to fine-tune existing marketing campaigns of CERHI aimed at attracting international students.
Some key takeaways:
Choosing a reproductive health study programme is a critical point in the life of an international student from West and Central Africa that takes the shape of a study choice funnel with 3 distinct stages:

  • Marketing and recruitment campaigns do not only impact that year’s enrollments but also spill over into the next year’s pool of prospective students.
  • Marketing and recruitment activities should be spread out throughout the year to cater to regional differences in the reproductive health study choice patterns of prospective students from West and Central Africa.
  • If you want to learn more about International Students Reproductive Health Study Choice Patterns, kindly go to our contact us page and get in touch with us.

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