Under CERHI, short term courses, Masters and PhD courses of study in RH, public health, nursing, health economics, and reproductive health law will be re-designed and reviewed at 3 levels: first by the individual departments, followed by a curriculum review workshop involving regional, selected international partners and industry stakeholders and sector planners which is a novel approach to curriculum development. Finally, the Departments will team up with identified international partner institutions to finalize the curricular and the Center will then be responsible for coordinating the execution of these novel programs. The idea is to ensure that the curricular meet specific regional development needs, and that they are relevant globally to resource limited settings and are of sufficient quality they can be accredited by international accreditation bodies.
Through CERHI’s regional and international collaborations the best of the region’s resources will be brought together making it a true Centre of excellence in the discipline of reproductive health. New applied research methodologies will also be developed and staff will be trained to use both the curricular as well as these methodologies. Faculty and students will be recruited from the West African region to build regional capacity and collaboration.